a new day

hello blog world...
i am very new to blogging. i have decided to start a blog since we're moving so far away and it will be a great way for family and friends to know what we're up to on our exciting adventure.
married life has been wonderful so far. our wedding was everything that we could have hoped for. when else will we be surrounded by all of our friends and family and the sole purpose is to celebrate love and glorify the Lord? it's an amazing feeling knowing that everyone is in one place to share in the joy of your love. we could not ask for better friends or family. we love yall...alot.
our honeymoon was wonderful too, we have just been floating on clouds for the last week. we went to negril, jamaica and stayed at couples negril. david did a great job planning it. we had the most fun. we just sat and read, sat and read. it was so relaxing and such a neat experience to be on a vacation just david and i. just me and my husband.
since the honeymoon, we've been in dothan preparing for our move to dallas. there has been a ton to do! name changes, joint banking, packing, insurance, you name it. but all so much fun. my name is now officially callie clemons brannen. i love it. i still find my self hesitating when i sign my name for something so my signature usually turns out: callie c brannen. it makes sense too.
well off to atlanta today for booster university! there is a day for wives tomorrow and since i am one of those now, i get to go. i'm very excited to hang out with the people we will be spending a lot of time with in dallas.
thank you so much to everyone for all of the prayers these last couple of months. the Lord is so good to us and is constantly providing our every need. thanks.