beach day.

one of things that i miss most about dothan (besides family of course) is being so close to the beach.
growing up,we took day trips to the beach all of the time. it was not uncommon to drive down to the beach for the day once a week in the summer.
i miss that so much. 

we got to drive down yesterday with our moms and it was heavenly.
and we are very burnt.


dad life.

happy father's day.


road trip.

david and i will be taking a pretty lengthy road trip on sunday. dallas to dothan. 13 hours. with our puppy. oh boy.

i have been watching cmt non-stop to prepare for being home. there's just something so homey about country music. it makes me think of being a teenager and riding around with my windows down.



this past sunday, one of our pastors talked about having wise council. surrounding yourself with a group of people that are on the same page as you, and love the lord is invaluable. i don't think i realized how much richer it makes life until we had a group of people that we would consider our "wise council". 

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. 
{proverbs 11:14}

Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others 
{proverbs 12:15}

so go round up some friends that care about you and stop trying to do life on your own...



if you haven't seen this video, do yourself a favor and watch it. all of it. 
highlight of my day.

and don't read the comments. people are so stupid when they leave nasty comments.


book time.

summer means time for reading good books by the pool. there's are not many things better than that.
my list for summer reading includes:

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
Bossypants by Tina Fey
The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

any other suggestions?
i'm open. leave a comment.


bitter goodbyes.

today i had to say goodbye to one of the sweetest little  guys i've ever known. 
i had the honor to teach him last year. he just has this spirit about him that draws everyone to him and you can't help but love him. he is hands down the most popular kid at school.

a few things to know:
* he loves pokemon. a whole lot.
* he's moving onto middle school next year.
* he loves giving hugs. 
* you'll never meet anyone with a kinder heart.

i love him and will miss him probably more than anyone.


friends are cool.

some of our sweet friends from auburn came through dallas on their journey to denver. 
meet chris. he was on david's younglife team in auburn and one of his best buddies.
we love him.

chris also has a sister, jenna. she is moving to denver to work at a homeless shelter and ya know, make the world a better place. 

we had a little bbq with our community group. i cannot even begin to explain how much we'll miss these peeps.
(left to right: jackie, me, sallie, ashley, emily, and emily's baby cohen)

(left to right: hector, cory, david, tyler, and maggie- sallie & tyler's)