sweet new ride.

hi friends!

we have been sharing a car for the past month but last week i got a NEW car! woo hoo!
i've never had a brand new car before so it's pretty much the greatest ever.

it's a hyundai tuscon and i love it!


the Lord PROVIDES.

i am so thankful that i am able to write this post. 
last weekend, i got a JOB. teaching first grade, to be exact. 
let me tell you the story so the Lord gets the glory, not me.

as most of you know, this is one of the worst education markets in history. teachers are being laid off left and right and there are certainly no open jobs. realizing this, i had come to grips that i would probably apply at anthro and try something new. i was really excited about it. i hadn't looked for open teaching positions all summer. 

two weeks ago, david and i were doing an event at our apartment and i was chatting with a new friend. this new friend was looking for a teaching job (which i has completely given up on) also. she mentioned that some jobs just opened in katy (a great district in the area). these were the only jobs open in houston. of course i didn't know because i hadn't looked in forever. (reason one this job was Him and not me- i had dropped the ball)
i went to deliver resumes and was so discouraged. having to just leave several resumes in baskets, i assumed i wouldn't be able to be set apart. later that day i got several phone calls to interview. exciting, except they were all during the time i was flying to atlanta. ugh.
one principal decided to meet me early on thursday before my flight. (reason number two) one was all it took. even though i only met with the principal and no teachers (which is weird in a teacher interview), they decided to hire me! i'll be teaching first grade next year!

this is my miracle job. i am so pumped!
the Lord made this happen and i am thankful that His plans are better than my own.