Praise our Jesus

We have not been able to update in a while because David & I have gotten so busy. I (Callie) got a job! To God be the glory for this. It was totally Him. Through interviewing with principals I found out that I would not be eligible to teach this year because my certification was not going to transfer from Alabama to Texas in time. I was so devastated. ButGod is still good and we know that. I got a job in a great school system working in a special ed classroom with some sweet children with Down's Syndrome. I do not really have any experience in this area but it's neat how God works. I think He is preparing me for something..we'll see.
David is loving his job. He is learning a lot and gets to wear a sweet uniform get-up to work. His work gear consists of Under Armor and Nike Shox.
We have been exploring Dallas. It's so different than anything that we're used to. It's fun being in a different element. I will post some pictures soon of our adventures. We got a new computer so we are still figuring out how things work.
Last weekend we went to our friends' wedding. Tommy and Hannah Webb...we love them. Tommy was David's AU roommate. It was great to see our friends. It was a bittersweet weekend though. We made such amazing friends in college. That part of our life is now over. We must move on but it's so hard not to just live in memories and want to go back..especially to college. We will have these friends for a long time but we won't live with them, have lunch with them regularly, run with them, and all the things we're used to. These are the people we lived life with for four years. They became our family and the people that we cried to, sang with, and rejoiced with. We grew into adults with these people. How can we just say good-bye to them? I don't know what the answer is but it hurts our hearts to not be with them. We will see them soon. Needless to say, we miss them.
Praise God from Whom ALL Blessing flow....


new view

Today David and I were driving around looking for Goodwills and other thrift shops in Dallas for a bed side table. My heart was very sad as we were driving around. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on inside of me. One of the things that we started talking about were the homeless and searching. Coming from Dothan and Auburn we never see hunger, hurt, brokeness, loss and all of these other issues that are so painful as evident as in a larger city. Our eyes were really opened to what is really happening in the world. Of course we have just come off our parents' budgets and college allowances but we're doing fine. We keep hearing about the recession but the only way that it has effected us has been in the job market. Today it really affected our hearts. We saw man after man begging, starving, looking for somewhere to lay his head. It was a painful experience but made us realize how blessed we are. One of the things God is preparing us for is to not rely on material possesions. Everything that we have right now is a complete gift from God and nothing that we have done on our own. He is so faithful and good to His children.


busy busy!

David and I have been so busy this past week, I feel like I have to make an effort to sit down and catch my breath. Our loves have just been so full lately, but full of fun things, mostly.
I have been very busy on the job front. I am looking for a teaching position. Anytime I tell someone they say, "Wow, you should definitely be able to find a job so easily." Well, I'd like to find all of those schools. It's just been hard being a first year teaching begging people to give me chance. I just have to keep promising I'll be a good teacher...something will open up. God is still good. He has something that will end up being the desire of my heart even if I don't understand the process of getting there.
My back is finally healed! Woo hoo! I was getting so anxious in bed all of the time. David was just the most wonderful husband through it all. I mean, he basically had to carry me to the bathroom when I had to use it. He's the best.
David is getting really excited for Booster to start. He is going to be so incredible at his job.
Our family that we have been living with in Highland Park has blessed us so much. They are an incredible group. Wonderful, loving parents that love the Lord, 9 and 6 year old boys who are hilarious and LOVE David and a precious 13 year old daughter. They are amazing.
God is so good to us.



here we are in the humongous state of texas. it's going to be weird being texans. our trip here was exciting to say the least. we started our journey with full intention of driving the whole 12 hours..well, the Lord had something else planned for the two of us. we got to ozark,al and then a battery/brake light came on in my car. i frantically called david and three hours later we pulled out of ozark with a new alternator and a lot poorer than we started. woo hoo...
our journey took us through some neat back roads full of construction, tractors, and the beautiful smell of fresh cut grass. we stopped in monroe, louisiana, the "armpit of the world" as my dad gracefully said. we finally arrived at our new, amazing, unexplainable, fantastic home. our jaws just hung open as we were driving through our new neighborhood. all i could think is that God has such a sense of humor. His plans for me always totally trump mine..everytime. why do i even continue to try and run my life? maybe that's what He's teaching me..
So that was yesterday. full of excitement, unpacking, adventures to fnd somewhere to eat that we could afford to step in to. (we ended up at Chick-Fil-A, a personal fave) today however was when we hit a wall. i apparently have thrown out my back while moving a three pound chair. wow. so today has consisted of movies, cuddling (sort of), reading, etc. maybe this is a harsh reminder to take things slow and don't try to do too much at once.
However, we are trusting and clinging to the truth that the Lord is STILL good. He has to be, always. He will take care of me. He is my healer and He is our strength. We serve a mighty God who heals the blind, deaf, and mute. He raises people from the dead. a little back pain is just that..little. but still He cares and loves me.


at home again...

david and i just got back from our trip to atlanta. it was such a blessing and great experience to meet the people that we will be with in dallas. they are amazing people and we are looking foward to spending time with them. God is so good to us and just blessed us so much these past couple of days meeting new friends. we are very excited about david's new job. it fits him so perfectly and he is going to love it.
we were also able to meet pete and katie newman for lunch on saturday. they are such great friends and have both had huge impacts on our lives. we had the best time hanging out with them.
we made our first "public appearance" as our friends were saying. we went to scott and lele frasier's wedding. it was just beautiful. completely amazing. they were such an example of the love of Christ.
so here we are back in dothan. we are currently at david's house. we will leave for dallas on tuesday so we will be soaking in the time with our families.