finn & quinn.

happy halloween blog friends!

we have had some really fun, festive celebrations in good ole' texas.
last night, our booster fam had a great halloween party. it was AUsome (ode to auburn).
here's the backstory on our costume:
if you haven't seen glee, you should. glee is a show about a high glee club full of drama. finn (one of the main guys) and quinn dated at the beginning and quinn got pregnant. whoops. (there's also more drama behind that one)
well, so many people have told david, "hey, finn reminds me of you so much." "if you could sing and dance, i imagine you would be like finn." finn isn't exactly the smoothest dude. david hates this. if you know david well, you know that he takes things literally. so he pretty much acts like he is finn when we watch glee. you can just see his blood boil a little bit.

so, after much convincing, here we are:

the real finn and quinn:



here are a few of our favorite things:

one of our favorite couples.
jake and emily lacy

chuys mexican.

anthropologie. (well, maybe just me)

community group.


auburn. duh.

the idea of exercising.

the name moses. for real.

mason jars.

real fall weather.

sweets of any kind.

sweet tea.

...just to name a few.


i obsess easily.

david and i went to a mini concert/awesomeness session last night at the house of blues.
drew and ellie holcomb.
and ben rector.
if you know me well, you know that i like am a little a lot obsessed with drew and ellie. so it was no suprise that they were wonderful.
but, i have not seen ben rector. well, i am now slightly obsessed with him now too.

check both of them out. they are amazingly talented and they love jesus. double threat.



if this doesn't look like fall, i don't know what does.

making pumpkin bread, sunflowers, gingham and a big pumpkin


mom time.

my mom came to texas this week! it was so much fun. david was in houston doing booster stuff and she came to keep me company. i am so thankful that she was here. we had so much fun and got to do a bunch of girlie things.
here are some great pics.
at zizikis. my favorite greek restaurant. mmm...

at bread winners. also, my fave.

state fair of texas. corny dog.
can you tell that our week revolved around food...and well, shopping.


the word.

i just love this verse so much. i thought i'd share.
1 peter 3:15
"but in your heart set apart christ as lord. always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have."

the hope we have in christ is noticed. at least it should be. i cannot take credit for my joy, it's only because of jesus in me.


jan. what a man.

david and i started off our lovely sunday with some laziness (we go to the 5:30 service at watermark) and then some errands. one of the stops was sams. we love that place. as we were checking outm david had a craving for a sam's hotdog (completely normal in our world). in line he met a man in a motorized wheelchair named jan.
jan looks exactly like a 75 yr santa claus with a vietnam veteran hat on. he asked david if he had been in the army, then invited himself to sit with us as david ate his dog.
we sat with jan, in the sam's food court area for two hours. you probably won't believe the stories he told us but you can't make this stuff up!
jan proclaimed all of these things about himself during our convo: highest mcat score ever. ever.; spy during the vietnam war; publisher by day (i was offered a job); unlicensed surgeon, was married to a chinese woman who was always on the look-out for indians for 54 yrs; jeweler (promised me an amber bracelet); bi-lingual (chinese/english); knew richard nixon.
now i don't know how much of this is true but you better believe that the first thing we did when we got home was google him. and some of it actually panned out. unreal.
we have his digits so we can hang out again at sams and get that amber bracelet. he said it matched my eyes.
just another day in our life.



what is it about fall that brings so much joy to my heart?
i love feeling that cool breeze.
pumpkin spice candles.
making banana bread.
open windows.
fall wreaths.

...just to name a few.