it's a....

we're so excited about having a baby boy! we have thought that it was a boy throughout the pregnancy until this week. but, low and behold, we have a big boy on our hands (or womb, whatev). 
we went to the doctor today and he is looking good. he is measuring big but they won't change our due date. so, i'm between 18 to 20 weeks...who knows. 
sorry about the glare in the pictures. we're obviously not photographers and need a better camera (wink*).


16 weeks...ish

hello friends and fam.
here are some pictures that david took of my bump, which seems to be getting bigger by the day.
i decided to be brave and show some bare belly.


well hello there.

hello blog friends. 
i have really been MIA recently. so sorry. we have undergone some big changes here in the brannen home. 
we're settling into houston. it's been an adventure, for sure. 
our sweet sully boy is growing and getting big.

and oh yeah, we're having a BABY! i cannot even express how excited we are about this last news. 
this is our little bundle around 11 weeks.
we had another ultrasound about a week ago. a couple of weeks makes a big difference in baby development! i'll post those pictures soon.
i definitely have a bump. i packed up old jeans and other things i won't see until next winter. 

so, that's our update. i'm going to be better about the blog thing. promise.