The Lord is faithful.

We have been reflecting a ton on how the Lord has been so faithful to us. He is so good even when we are not. We, as people, are so caught up in ourselves that we think that we have "earned" whatever is given to us. Before we got married (circa May), we had no idea where we were going to live, if we would have jobs, or how we would survive. We had a constant battle of giving these burdens over to the Lord. It was a really tough and trying time not knowing where we would be in 2 months. But of course, the Lord is faithful. ("Let us hold unswervingly to the hope that we profess for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23) In June He provided an amazing job for David that could not have been hand-picked better. David was stuck between wanting to do ministry and business. What does the Lord do? Give him a company to work for thats mission is to combine ministry and business. (Booster) Wow. Great example of how the Lord's plans are so above and better than our own. David realized that the Lord was shutting so many doors because He knew something better. Then we were nervous because we didn't know how we would afford an apartment in Dallas on one salary. (I didn't have a job) The Baker family tells us that we can live in their beautiful home. That is when the Lord just provides abundantly. We live in the nicest part of Dallas with the most amazing family. I still didn't have a job. After searching I get a job the first day of school at an awesome school doing something I didn't know I would enjoy so much. The Lord has constantly provided for us when we give it to Him. It's hard to give it over because human nature wants to hold on to it. But the Lord knows best, trust us.
It's funny how the Lord makes us sort of uncomfortable sometimes wanting to see if we will trust Him. He is a good Father though and loves His children. ("If you then ,being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more then will your Father in Heaven give what is good to those who ask him?" Matthew 7:11)
Thank you Lord for all You have done and are continuing to do!


family values.

One of the reasons we love Booster (the company David works with) is because they invest in our family. Their goal is to mold David into a better husband which will in turn make me a better wife (hopefully). They pay for us to go on one date night a month and give us a topic to discuss. The topic a couple of months ago was our family values. These are our values: Passion, Hope, Discipline, Integrity.
Passion- We want to be passionate about pursuing life. We want to be adventurous and have passion for the Lord and life overflowing.
Hope- The hope of our calling in Christ Jesus. Our hope we have in Him is that we know we put our faith and trust in Him and He will not disappoint.
Discipline- We want to be disciplined in every area of our life, from our morning time with the Lord to exercise. It covers a lot.
Integrity- If we our lose integrity we've lost. Integrity is everything.

sprucing up a little.

David and I had the opportunity to house/dog sit for some friends of ours this weekend. It was so great. We were able to have a whole house to ourselves and a dog! I can't even explain how much we want a dog. Our thought is that we will wait about a year until we get one so we can have no responsibilties for a little while. But we just want one so bad! Bad news came this weekend... my allergies started acting up a little at the Lacy's house (who we were dog-sitting for). I am praying that it was not because of the sweet puppy. That would cause devastation. I am convinced that there has to be some kind of shot out there to make it better. There has to be!
I was also inspired this weekend to get a little festive. I went to Target yesterday and purchased some fun fall-ish things. I was so happy. I LOVE holidays. They are just so fun, how could you not love them?



We have had a busy couple of weeks here in the big D. David's parents came in town last week. It was such a great visit. They were here for a good extended time. They drove from Dothan with their car packed down with stuff that we needed. Keep in mind, they had essentials like winter clothes. We were very excited for all of that. We were able to take them to some of our favorite restaurants and places in Dallas. We ate so much food that we had to all be rolled around after. At least that's what it felt like. It was great to have a big slice of family when we are so far away.

On other news, my best friend is pregnant!! My friend that I have known since I was in kindergarten (Amy Cochrane) is going to have a precious baby. I am beyond excited for them. I was shaking I was so excited after I talked to her. So during my free time at work I have been researching what she should be eating, doing, taking, etc. I then call her on the way home to report my findings for the day. It's been great. And yes, the child will call me Aunt Callie. I love it!!


wedding pictures.

Our wedding pictures are up!!

Just go to this website to see them:


aggies & razorbacks

We had a wonderful weekend! Our friends from A&M and Arkansas (some of them) came in town for their big game. It was great spending time with them. Everyone came over to our (well, the Bakers') home to watch the game. It was a little stressful trying to make sure everyone was happy at all times but it was a success. We ventured down town and ate at a local place called "Angry Dogs". They have possibly the greasiest hamburgers on the planet but hey, that's what a burger is all about. If you combine all of the food that is terrible for you, that was our menu for the day. Donuts for breakfast, burgers for lunch and pizza for dinner. Throw in some cheese dip and cookies along the way. Barf.

These are our friends Andrew & Bart. We worked at K-Kountry (yes, with a 'k') with them. We love these guys.



I took my first sick day yesterday, then had to take another one today. I came down with something and I felt like I'd been hit by a train. After 2 days at the doctore, they figured out what it was..I'll spare the details. I'm good now. I had to take a sick day today to rest. I felt so much better today so I went and walked around the mall...turns out taking sick days are pretty fun! I did miss my sweet kiddos a lot though. Is that lame?
We have a great weekend ahead of us. Friends from A&M and Arkansas are coming in town because the teams are playing eachother in the nicest stadium ever...Dallas Stadium. We are so excited to see our friends!
I've decided that I need to start taking more pictures, it's a personal goal. We'll see what actually happens.
We have been through some hard times lately seeing a leader that we admired so much fall into sin. The Lord has taught us so much through it though. Do we put people up on a pedastal and make them our own personal gods? It's easy to do that because we can touch them and see them. But God is so much bigger than pastors, mentors, etc. It seems so simple but we've really been reminded that we are a fallen people. The only good that is in us in Jesus. He is much bigger and more powerful than we can begin to wrap our mind around. Praise Jesus we can't comprehend His power and might... that's what makes Him God and us people.