moving on.

today i was over at one of my favorite blogs (check it out here, they go to our church and i desperately wish i knew them) and they asked their readers to post where they were in school if they were in college. so, of course i scrolled down to see if we had auburn and AOII reppin'. 
there it was: AOII at auburn. the thing about it is that i have NO CLUE who this person is!

big reality check:
auburn has moved on. AOII has moved on.(she looked pretty legit though) i guess i tend to think that i will always know what is going on in that beloved town and in my sorority. nope. 


sick nasty..

so david and i are younglife leaders in ole' plano texas.
if you don't know much about younglife, it's pretty crazy. but we share Jesus with high schoolers. one of the platforms that younglife uses is through doing insane things. insane. doing crazy stuff brings kids to younglife club and there they here about our Savior.

well...last night was not abnormal. it was "hillybilly yacht club". 
let me get to the point...

i was in a cricket-spitting contest. i put a live cricket in my mouth and spit it out. (pretty far i might add)

you're welcome for the laughs. 


magic time machine.

hi friends.

last night david and i went out to celebrate our friend's birthday. (shout out cameron!) it was a surprise and a lot of fun.
well the place they picked for his party is called the magic time machine. it's every bit as magical as it's name sounds. 
all of the wait staff are in a character. we had princess leia...from star wars, complete with costume. woody had the table next to us. the mad hatter was there, with alice. cinderella, snow white, g.i. joe guy, all kinds of characters. 
it was every 6 year olds dream...and the 5,000 preteen girls that were there also.

definitely a special  magical night.



so I am teacher. duh.
I sometimes forget that I have really hilarious conversations with my kids day in and out.
I'm going to try to share more of these because some of you don't get the sheer pleasure of talking to small children often.
a couple that happened, just today.

kid (completely randomly): "Mrs Brannen, would you like to come to India with me this summer?"
me: "well, what would I do?"
kid: "oh, you know, you could play with my grandma."
me: "do you think Mr Brannen would miss me?"
kid: "well he'd come too....to make money."

I got a note this morning from a kid. On the inside she wrote: "you have been working very hard. I am proud of you!"
Thanks for the affirmation.

On our new puppy...
"Do you think you're ready for that responsibility?"
"You know you have to feed it..."



i love change. i love new things. i can get bored very easily.
so...after begging david for a year, we're getting a PUPPY!

we searched high and low, talked with a ton of interesting people (one of whom we're convinced was high as a kite), and finally decided on our pup.

he is a wheaten terrier and he is a wee little baby still. he won't be ready for another month (which is killing me, but wonderful for David- he likes to be prepared for things). 

(this is what he'll look like)
as a pupster:

and as a big guy:


st. patty's

happy st. patricks day, friends!


chill pill.

there are a lot of things going on in our lives these days. i am finding myself have a lot of anxiousness about next year, future plans, etc. i get so caught up sometimes in "what ifs" "hows" and "whys".
why do i let myself go there? has the Lord not proved Himself to me time and again?

i need a good, old fashioned, chill pill. 

this is the scripture that i have been resting in:

"you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure." {psalm 16:5}

another version is: "the Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot"

my lot that i am given in this life is already secure. i can worry all i want to, but will that actually change anything? no. the Lord is the only one who gives and takes. that gives me rest.



i wish that we could go back 2 years and to the most magical spring break. senior year.

in this house.

with these girls.

...and have a tan.


a small request.

last week, in my second grade class, the kids wrote a letter to the President.
this one was my personal favorite: "make a drink where it gives us super power."
i mean, that's totally feasible, right? cool. you should probably get on that Obama.