goodbye, july.

we are finally home! there's nothing like being home after being on the road for 2 months. we tallied that we have been in dallas for a total of one week all summer.
we were in dothan for 10 days, visiting family and friends.
David with Kason. amy and paul cochrane's precious boy.

I played golf for the first time. ever. (step-dad, mom, brother)

 made pepper-jelly with mom

got to hang out with lane
and celebrated one year, cutting our wedding cake. it was gross.

we have had an exciting summer but are so ready to settle down.


love in the air.

yesterday i got a very exciting text from my sweet friend, kristen arnold.what else could me break into full giggly-scream in the middle of a crowded house? engagement!
matt proposed to kristen at disney world near cinderella's castle. so perfect for her.
just wanted to share the joy.
here's the cute couple:

speaking of weddings...
shout out to my friend meagan gibson who is now working with oncewed.com, such a cool wedding website.


home at last.

we are home from maui! i can't believe we left on friday! we have been so busy since we've been home. when we left for maui, we had just moved into our new apt so it was not organized and crazy. we have spent these last couple of days doing fun things like making a pot hanger out of an old window, making a desk, etc. busy, busy. we have also been reunited with our dallas friends, which is really great.
we are off again to go to dothan to see our families! we're very excited to see them! we haven't been home (dothan) since christmas. amy (my bff since kindergarten) had her first baby! little kason cochrane is a month old and i cannot wait to see him!
fun fact: david and i went to ikea for the first time the other day and love it! i mean, you can only go if you have like 3 hours to spare. but, we happen to have the time.
another thing: the surprise that i wrote about on the last blog was going to be david getting a sweet tattoo but it fell through. i'm serious, he had an appointment and everything but the guy had to change times and we were leaving maui. shocking.
til next time...


is it over?

hello friends.
our sweet one month get-away to the most beautiful place on earth is coming to a close. we're supposed to leave on friday. i can't believe it's here...we just got here! i am so thankful for this opportunity to be here. david and i have had the best tie just hanging out and exploring this beautiful island.
but, we're going to have a big finish. it's a surprise that will be revealed later.
our computer isn;t working and i have to put pictures on jenny's computer to upload them so you'll have to wait for more pictures until we get home.
until next time...



On wednesday, the whole gang (david, jenny, jessie, and i) went on the road to hana, which is a famous drive on maui. it's pretty fantastic but the best part was this hike that we stopped and did. i was really struggling (the acl surgury is still healing), but it was totally worth it. we hiked in 2 miles to the most amazing, stunning thing i think i have ever seen. hello, 400 ft waterfall.
my sweet, sweet husband carried me down the hike. he's awesome.
*pictures will come later. it's not working right now.