love from texas.

Today has been a great day here in Texas. I have the day off from school which is just the best ever! We also had a snow day on Friday so i got a FOUR day weekend...I mean, I am just so happy. I must mention, we got 13 inches of snow here in Texas! Unbelievable. We definitely played in the snow with the Baker boys (7 and 10). Talk about a serious snow ball fight and some snow angels. Glorious.
We have really been falling in love with Texas recently. We swear we won't have kids here because we don't want them to be Texans (sorry guys). But we did experience the most amazing thing I'm pretty sure Texas has to offer.....drumroll.....
Red River Dance Hall. You walk in and seriously ever person has on a cowboy hat and are hardcore Texans. There is a dance circle in the middle that looks like a skate rink. You can only enter the dance floor at certain points and you have to keep moving. There is a bull that you can ride. I love these kind of things. We had a great time with friends.
Booster group! Great friends at Waffle House.