fam jam.

last weekend, my grandma and dad came to dallas. it was wonderful.

she made apple dumplings. delish.
my grandma is the greatest shopper out there. she could run circles around me.

these lovely longhorn statues are everywhere around our apt complex. texas, what did you expect?

and here's one for kicks. 



well friends, our lives have changed forever. we went to arkansas (which is very far away) and picked up our new little peanut.
he is a 9 week old wheaten terrier and precious. his name is sullivan/"sully". we're convinced he's the greatest dog ever.

we had to drive 4 hours home and did great! last night was pretty hard because he missed his mommy. i mean, i'm pretty sure i cried when i left my mom for the first time. it doesn't take away from his sweetness.

we love him. a lot.

* more solo shots and pics with david to come.



hello all.
this past weekend, david ran a half-marathon. i am so proud of him! he finished in just over 2 hours.
he ran for TWO HOURS! 13.1 miles. i am definitely one impressed wifey. he's awesome.


ladies, it's ok if you need to look away.
about to cross the finish line.

3 of our other friends in community group ran.

after the race (with baby maggie)

i can feel you judging me...why didn't i run? someone had to babysit. and i am working my way up running. just really started back in january-ish because of the acl surgery last spring. get off my back, people.