photo dump.

life lately...
baby things.

date night.

pool time.

my man.

mom time.

birdie on our porch. she has 2 eggs. sully stares at it all day.


mo's room.

mo's room...unfinished.

mo's room...unfinished.

sully wully.

david made whoopie pies for me. so sweet.

so, that's what we've been doing lately!


31 weeks.

It's the final countdown! I can't even believe how fast pregnancy has gone. 8ish weeks until Moses and 7 weeks left in school. Believe me, I am counting down until the end of the school year. We have decided that I will stay home with Mo so I am very thankful for that.


caine's arcade

this video is the sweetest story of little boy with a dream that came true.
it's just so sweet.

please watch.


the big 3-0

30 weeks. Ca-ray-zy! Ten week count down until Mo will be here!
Mom came in this past weekend and helped me get the nursery finished and all of the things for the hospital and stuff.
My belly is definitely growing to new levels.
I can't wait to meet our precious boy.



so the clock is now ticking down until baby Moses will make his arrival! we are so excited but trying to enjoy our last bit of time just the two of us. it's going to be weird and so great to have another little person around all of the time.
we've been going on a lot of dates recently, which are so wonderful. we've also been doing a lot of running around trying to get all of the things we'll need for mo.