praise the Lord.

I will be teaching some sweet second graders next year!
I am so blessed because I am at a great school with some great women. I am so looking foward to having my own classroom.
I will be sad to leave my very special class this year. I will not be one of their teachers any more but I will still get to enjoy their presence.

 "Behold, children are a gift of the Lord..." ps. 127:3

life comes to a screeching halt.

We have been crazy busy the past couple of months- weddings, showers, apartment shopping, etc. Well, last Thursday like came to a screeching halt with my ACL surgery. Yuck.
I have never had any operation before (besides wisdom teeth, which don't count). But all of that changed. I had to have reconstructive surgery on my ACL. I was off of work for a week and a half, which sounds great but was SO boring! I don't do well with not being busy. I like to be on the go and have things to do. So when my day-to-day life became me laying in bed hooked up to a machine that constantly bends my leg for me, I didn't do well. Borderline depression.
Another fact is that my body will react in the strangest way to any medicine. It happens. Trust me.
I found out that I am semi-allergic to pain meds. Awesome.
I swell way more than the average person. Cool.
BUT, despite all of the negative, I made it! Over a week after the surgery, I am feeling pretty good.
I am able to walk around, go out places, hang out with friends. I do have to wear a leg-immobilizing brace which makes me walk pretty hilariously. Oh well. I get that cool thing for 2 more weeks.
I start back to work tomorrow which is fun. Never thought I'd be so ready to get back to work!

I do have to say that we have such incredible friends here in the lone star state. Our friends in our small group have supplied dinner for us almost every night since the surgery. What a blessing that was to receive dinner and good fellowship. Community is such a neat blessing.

"Come and hear, all who fear God, and I will tell you what He has done for my soul" ps. 66:16


wedding season.

this past weekend david and i went to charleston, sc for a beautiful wedding. two of our best friends from auburn united in marriage. it was so exciting. charleston is just the most beautiful place. if you've never been, you should go. the only bad thing we found were some mysterious, biting bugs.
the whole weekend was just so great. the rehearsal dinner overlooking the harbor. the church they were married in is the oldest church in charleston. just everything was so perfect.
the irony in it all...they have the same name! yes, cory and corey. "i cory, take you corey..." couldn't help but chuckle a tad.
another great part was seeing our dear friends from auburn. we love these people. they know us so well and vice versa. cant believe we're back in dallas and now looking foward to ACL surgery. yuck.
GOOD news! I am going to be a second grade teacher next year! i absolutely cannot wait! i love my school and the people there. God is so good and takes care of His children.