brother time.

last week, my brother lane came to visit. he had to take the mcat out here so he just hung out with us for a couple of days. it was really fun to have him here in h-town. 

just a fine young man. 


hello, again.

hi friends. so i've been a tad busy lately and haven't had time to blog. so sorry.
this will be a catch-up post.
recently we ...

well I started my new job. i am teaching first grade, which has been really fun. 
this is my classroom.

ps. their chairs are on top of their desks... 

we got some sa-weet tickets to an astros game. these are our new buds jessica & will. they're pretty awesome and invited us on this adventure. someone gave them (thanks, younglife) their "diamond club" tickets. little did we know that we got to sit right behind homeplate, get all of the nicest-ballpark-food-i've-ever-eaten we could want, and there was a waiter. insane. it was so much fun though.

we went on a little trip to austin to see these beauties get married.

and sully got a haircut. he looks really funny.

whew. promise i'll be better.
love to all of you.