warmth...is that you?

it was 72 degrees today. 72. 
every ounce of me just wanted to be outside as much as possible.
 extra recess? yes, please. 
run outdoors? yesss!
just walking around an outdoor shopping center? duh.

today was such a lovely glimpse at what is to come. it gives us hope that spring is coming. it will be a little while, but it's coming.




when did our lives transition from wedding showers to baby showers?
i am constantly taken off-guard that the friends we are surrounded with are no longer getting engaged and married, but having babies.
i am so thankful to have dear friends who are showing what good mothering looks like. 

i guess life is weird like that. stages of life move quickly.



people say we look alike...i don't see it. 

p.s. these are both of our facebook profile pictures. special.                       



au family.

i am the only auburn person at my school. 80% of the staff thought auburn was in georgia until i corrected them.
it almost makes me sad for them because they just don't know. they have never seen an auburn sunset, said "war eagle", or had war eagle moment. they do not know the love and pride of the auburn family.

i wore my auburn sweatshirt today. "oh hey callie, oh yeah, auburn is playing tonight right? tigers?" me: "uhh..yes. it's for the national championship. war eagle." 
but come into mrs. brannen's classroom and you'll see auburn hats. you can say "war eagle", they'll say it back, and tell you the story about war eagle. they can tell you the time and station for the game.

i am trying to change the mindset that nothing exists outside of texas. one student at a time. brainwashing? no...just...educating. 



my sweet husband took me on a trip to austin this weekend. we spend most of our travel time going seeing family so we decided to explore texas a little more.
austin is a neat cool  weird place. it was wonderful to get away to spend some time together.
i have never seen so many graphic print tights with cut-off jean shorts in my life.

the beautiful capitol building

and our drive home is when snowpacalypse 2011...



so i'm reading a new book, radical by david platt.
here are a few tid-bits:

"we desperately need to explore how much of our understanding of the gospel is american and how much is biblical." ouch.

"we are afraid that if we stop and really look at God in his word, we might discover that he evokes a greater awe and demands deeper worship than we are ready to give him." double ouch.

today i am thankful for grace. i am thankful that the Lord pursues me and is faithful even when i am not. i am thankful that he loves enough to make me feel the ouches and by feeling the ouches i will be refined and blessed. i will be blessed because seeking the Lord is the source of joy.

now, off to austin for a little romantic get-away...



i know what you're thinking...2 in one day? yes, people.

david and i have been doing some reflecting on this year. we have had such an unbelievable amount of blessing. one thing that we always come back to is that all of the awesome things that we have gotten to experience are directly from the Lord. He has shown us favor and blessed us tremendously.

i was under the impression that we were starting a new decade. apparently, we're not? not sure about that. i did some thinking about where i have been this decade.
 when the year 2000 rang in, i was in the 7th grade, on the phone with my "boyfriend" (matt mcnutt) who my dad hated loathed. special.
this decade i...

graduated from high school
had 4 glorious years at auburn.
was redeemed by the Lord.
got married.
moved to a new place far away.

my prayer is that i will be as changed in this coming decade i have been in this one.

"search, o God, and know my heart;
try me and know my anxious thoughts;
and see if there be any hurtful way in me;
and lead me in the everlasting way."

catch up.

well friends, it's been a while.
we have been in alabama/georgia visiting fam. it has been a lot of fun, but we needed some good ole' relaxation. i have never been so thankful that we have teacher schedules. thank you, Lord.
here are some highlights of the month:

my dear friend, kristen arnold (tufts) got married in auburn. it was so much fun to see friends...and be in auburn. duh.

went to my grandmother's house for some clemons family time.

i love this pic (below) because it is of some of my most favorite people.

got to spend some time with this guy...

and meet this guy. his name is jackson and he is my step-nephew. 

then continued the tour in marietta to have some brannen fam time. 

our hearts are full from time with family and people that we love so much. we're so thankful for all of them.