39 weeks.

here I am in all of my 39 week glory.
huge belly? check.
about 3 things that fit around huge belly? check.


while we wait.

waiting is hard. we're so ready to meet our little boy but he's taking his precious time.
we've been trying to stay busy and do a lot of fun things around houston with friends.
getting ice cream. movie in the park. eating eggplant parmesan. hanging with the cutest little pup out there.



school's out for the summer! no sweeter words to a teacher's ear. I am not going back to teaching next year so this school year's ending was particularly strange. I (mostly David) packed up my sentimental things, gave a ton of stuff away, and said goodbye to a classroom. I think I am way too excited for Moses and summer to e here to be sad about saying goodbye to teaching. I'm assuming it'll hit me about mid-August. hey, I'm perfectly fine with just visiting when I get the urge to be around some kiddos.
now, on to sitting by the pool and waiting on my baby boy to be ready to enter the world.