arts and crafts.

this week (while we were off...hallelujah!), we did a little craft time. i have been seeing a ton of nature-ish stuff in anthro and pottery barn (two faves) so i decided to try to copy some. david and i drove around for a while until we came upon this spot.

now i dont't know if you know much about texas (epecially dallas), but trees are kinda hard to come by.

so we found some limbs and made this:

i love this kind of stuff.

we have also been busy on our tree. i love christmas. so much.
and..super random but shout out to our friends hector and emily. you can see what they are like here. they are pretty great and about to have a sweet baby boy, cohen. it was also hector's birthday this weekend.


the best day of the year.

well friends, this was, hands down, one of the best days of the year.
reason #1. we got a christmas tree. and we don't do those fake ones.it's a real, smells like christmas, they make candles because it's so awesome, tree. it just makes me so happy.

#2. auburn beat satan alabama. it is just the greatest feeling in the world. i almost cried, threw-up, and peed my pants all at the same time. too much? sorry.
war eagle. we both love auburn so much. it's intense.

war eagle and merry christmas.


give thanks.

we have family extravaganza at the brannen home/apt. this week.  it has been a ton of fun.
here are some pics to enjoy:

our lovely table..this was definitely a womanly rite of passage

david carving the turkey..another rite of passage

this is how cooper contributed

stereo equipment... they are the same person, i'm convinced

in texas, we love bull and cowboy statues. this is one of about 20 surrounding our apt.

well, we are getting our christmas tree soon!


family time is fun time.

the brannens are in texas! the whole gang flew out here friday and we've been socializing it up with extended family. i love that special time when someone in the fam gets married and you know you'll get to see everyone. we did miss sally. but you can see what she is doing here. she's awesome and we chatted via skype with her in cambodia last night, in a storage closet. yes, storage closet.
bucky (cousin) married katy this weekend in dallas which was very convenient for us.
here are some pics:


is it too much...

is it too much to ask that somewhere in dallas sell a christmas tree before thanksgiving?
i just can't wait to have one of these in my living room.



this past weekend i had "girls' weekend" in birmingham with my cousins and sweet grandma. i am so glad that i have such a great fam. here are some pictures from the weekend.

grandma with ansley

girl cousins...and lane (brother)

lane and grandma

dad, grandma, and i