most of you know that i drove a montero sport. never heard of them? it's fine.
i've had the ole' montero since i was 16.
well, it's been the time for out with the old and in with the new. 
friday we sold it! we've never sold or bought anything significant (like a car) as a couple yet. it was kind of scary but ended up being so easy.

they just wrote us a check. boom.

hopefully i'll be posting my new car pictures soon!


new places and new faces.

hi friends.

we painted our apartment last week so i can now put up some pictures for our mommas.

this is our view out of the bedroom. downtown houston.

sully stays in this spot all day watching the comings and goings of people.

and that, my friends, is our new place. come visit!



hello friends.

i missed you. we haven't had internet until yesterday so here is a re-cap of our little life.

* i chopped my hair off. i'm noticing that i do that during life changes. i did the same thing when we moved to dallas.
* a man named goliath installed our cable. wait a second...david & goliath. yep.
* we moved into our new apartment in houston. it's pretty sweet.
* friday night lights ended and we are devastated.

i'll post some pictures soon.
to our dallas friends, we miss y'all. a WHOLE lot.

if you know anyone cool in houston, let us know, we're in the market for some friends.


this week.


we said goodbye to frontier ranch and west plano younglife...

a very sad day.
we're sad but also excited about what the Lord has in store in houston.

now, back to packing. so much to do!


frontier ranch.

we are leaving tonight for frontier ranch!
frontier is a younglife camp in beautiful colorado. as you think about us, as you often do we know, please pray.
pray for safety and that we all experience the Lord in a new way.

love you all.