29 weeks.

hi friends.
quick update...
here's the belly at 29 weeks. Moses has been growing so fast!
Also, it's a self photo in the mirror. Get over it, all haters. I am normally a mirror photo hater but David was gone. This will probably be the first and last bathroom mirror shot.
Second pic is all I am seeing these days when I look down. Feet are gone, just glorious belly.


long lost friend.

this past weekend, we had a visitor! our friend, Tina, came to visit Houston. she was my BFF in middle school and David's first girlfriend. Special I know. she moved to Illinois when we were in the eighth grade. she came to visit a couple of times after but we haven't seen her since high school. we also hadn't talked since freshman year of high school.
it was such a great weekend! she told us her story of grace, which was amazing. it's amazing how the lord can renew and transform.
and, sully loved her!


26 weeks

here's the belly... getting bigger! It's so crazy seeing him squirm around inside of me. I wish I knew exactly what he is doing in there.



the Houston rodeo is going on in h-town this week! we went with our booster friends that we love so much. the trip was complete with corndogs, Texas taters, cinnamon rolls, bull riding, mutton bustin' (kids riding sheep), and a rodeo, of course.


name reveal...

moses cooper brannen.

he's going to be so awesome.

23 weeks

here i am at 23 weeks:

and for all of you who are dying to see my bare belly nakedness...

we went to the doctor last week and got an ultrasound. gosh, i love those. our little guy is doing great. he is weighing in at 1pound, 9 oz. our original due date is june 28th but almost every ultrasound we've had is aiming at june 18th. 
according to this week's app (is that with one or two ps?), my uterus is the size of a soccer ball! woah. 
i am really loving being pregnant. it definitely has its weirdness, but overall, it's so amazing how a little person that i love is growing inside of me. 

here's more recent life activity:
my guys taking a stroll. check out those studs.

we got a glider! (thanks mom) pardon this rather rough photo of me.

did a little decorating about the baby dresser. 
and yes, those are baby air force ones.

downtown houston.

drove 20 minutes to waffle house because david had a craving. no lie.

i made david take my picture because baby is this long!

and snuggled with sully.

isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen?