oh boy.

well, this is intimidating. i haven't updated this little blog in 5 months? oops. 

i'm just going to fast forward to recent happenings. most of you know everything going on in our lives anyway.

last sunday, we dedicated moses at church. dedication basically means that we are pledging to raise moses in a god-centered home and try to love him the way that jesus has loved us. we are committed to raising moses in a way that shows him the lord and be open with our own personal relationships with christ. this is different than infant baptism. we believe in believers baptism, that baptism is an outward sign of what has happened in one accepts christ as lord. so, babies don't grasp that yet. 
again, if you know us, you know how important this is to us. it was a very special time. 

i couldn't get the video to load so here are some pictures instead.

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